quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2015

Cause Love is beautiful...yes it is.


My friend Bo, got married and he have a wonderful wife and now a miracle, a baby!He is around Budapest.Today we were on Skype and was so good to know about the friends i left behind in the world.But they still with me...soon or later i will be in Budapest, and they will come to Lisbon, for sure.

This pictures Bo send me today, from is wedding day in Gyimes.That piece of heaven, were i was so happy for two times.Lost in the mountains...lost in the green, with the sound of a river and Hungarian music...for dancing.That time, 5 years ago, was my big adventure alone in the world...but always helping...and loving.I have met wondeful people.His house was like my own house that days.Later i went there in a roadtrip with Duarte.And was the last time i saw him and his family.I left in the same road...saying goodbye and wishing to come back all the time.
But i can say...Love is true story.

"Benedek and Réka

and Gyimes
We love you and miss you very much"

I love you too...see you soon!

To remember...my Hungarian experience.

May 2010

September 2010

I am so glad to have this friends aroud the world.I am so grateful to had the chance to met them...the time i was a crazy rasta, walking around.Now some years later i can see the roots i left behind.They are growing up!

Oh Life...

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Anónimo disse...

Thank you for this dear Rita. Your life is a huge inspiration for a lot of people, including us.
We love you and miss you, though you are always with us.
If I haven't met you five years ago, I would have taken another path in my life and now I would be a totally different person. So thank you!

P.S. The photos of our wedding were taken in Kalocsa, not Gyimes, but still it's ok.